This should have probably have been the first bit of the blog, but a linear narrative is surely too pre-modern for words. In case anyone ever chances on this work, a brief introduction to who I am and why I am writing. I am a British woman in her very late 30s (actually half-American by birth, but wholly English by upbringing and culture). I have just submitted a PhD on early medieval masculinity, so I may yet become a doctrix. At the moment, however, I am only a magistra, having (improbably) three masters’ degrees, in mathematics, librarianship and history. I am married to Edward, ex-solicitor and now an editorial manager with a firm of legal publisher, who combines an unhealthy concern about the correct positioning of semi-colons with the useful skill of managing stubborn and over-intellectual subordinates and academic writers. During my PhD I also became the mother of L, now two and half and marked by charm, talkativeness and a firm belief in her own (frequently incorrect) decisions. This blog is intended as a reflection on academic and maternal life and other matters loosely connected to them. If you don’t like liberal intellectuals, I suggest you stop reading now…


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