Thought (or possibly not) for the day

I was in the self-help section of our local bookstore yesterday (I was actually looking for anything on anthropology, but I just drifted on) and there was a book called ‘Women Who Think Too Much: How to Break Free of Overthinking and reclaim Your Life’. (see Amazon for details). When I looked, however, this did not deal with females like myself whose thinking too much involves trying to work out whether it’s worth reading Habermas, or what in the world (if anything) Lacan means by the Phallus, let alone whether there’s any way of stopping George Bush. Instead, this book was all about women who over-analyse relationships/conversations etc. I’m the first to admit that this is a problem I sometimes suffer from, and so do some other people I know. But why is it supposedly just women? Is the idea of Men Who Think Too Much so ludicrous? If the author believes there are fundamental differences in male and female communications (as in the works of Deborah Tanner), shouldn’t there be a companion volume about Men Who Don’t Think Enough (or, even more to the point) Men Who Talk Too Much AND Don’t Think Enough? I suppose in practice, this probably isn’t really a sly bid to reinforce patriarchal control, but simply a marketing ploy. It is probably only Women Who (Possibly) Think Too Much, who can be persuaded to start worrying about whether they do think too much and thus buy the book. The lack of self-knowledge of (some) men may not only be a consolation to them, it may also come cheaper (at least in the short run).


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