Bad analogy time

I can’t remember how I found this quote (from but it’s a classic:

Writing poetry is like giving birth. Sometimes it takes months for the seed to germinate in your head until its ready to be born; you cannot control when it will appear; you cannot force it before its time, and you cannot stop it once it decides to arrive. Sometimes the birth is painful, but it only hurts for a little while. The end result is a beautiful new creation for all your efforts.

I leave it up to others to read the poetry on the site and decide whether or not there is an argument that some poems should also be aborted.


One thought on “Bad analogy time

  1. What a great link!
    Poetry takes on many forms from humourous to mystical.
    Being either too high brow or even low brow about it, misses the point, and to condemn it for those reasons smacks of intellectual sterility.
    However there is much poetry that is simply much better written than others… no question.
    I wonder what prompted you to make that post???


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