Bloggers meet-up at IMC [UPDATED]

Several of us who are going to be at the International Medieval Congress in Leeds in a week’s time thought it would be good to have a bloggers’ meet-up there. Following extensive scrutiny of the timetable, the best time seems to be 8.45 pm onwards on either Monday 13th or Wed 15th (since on the Tuesday there is the Early Medieval Europe reception at that time). Location to be Boddington Hall bar. If anyone is interested, please put your preferred date in the comments (or e-mail magistra/hotmail/co/uk).

UPDATE: Let’s make it 8.45 pm on Monday 13th in Boddington Hall bar. That leaves Tuesday night for Dr Jarrett to buy us all drinks, Wednesday for dancing and Thursday for trying to remember enough the conference to blog on it. Looking forward to seeing you.


4 thoughts on “Bloggers meet-up at IMC [UPDATED]

  1. Your guide to Jarrett-spotting at Leeds, and blogger meet-upYes! Never mind the usual namby-pamby whining. It has occurred to me that I have said that I will buy drinks for, apologise to, pass references to or generally try and find quite a number of fellow bloggers at the upcoming International Medieval Congre…


  2. Leeds report 2 (Tuesday 14th July)This was a bad day for my alarm to fail, but happily nerves had me awake in plenty of time anyway. I didn’t have a lot of choice about which of the first two sessions of the morning to go, you see, as I was running some. I think they went pretty …


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