I feel I should warn any readers who come along to this site that there are not going to be many updates in the next few months. This is because I am trying to finish the manuscript of a book and my available intellectual energy needs to be directed towards this currently, rather than to getting irritated with Hilary Mantel’s view of historians. My (possibly unrealistic) aim is to finish the book by early 2010, at which point normal blogging can be resumed…

Meanwhile, I will try and do some posting of links to other sites of interest. My first is to the IHR’s Making History site, which along with some useful statistics and biographies, includes interviews with a number of prominent British historians. These include audio as well as transcripts, so anyone who has not heard what Susan Reynolds, Eric Hobsbawm etc sounds like can now discover. I have not yet read/listened to all the interviews myself, so if anyone does discover “any obscene or libellous material that these interviews may contain” (which the IHR firmly states it is not responsible for), I would be interested to know.

4 thoughts on “Bloglite

  1. I like Hilary Mantel as a writer (though I haven’t read Wolf Hall yet), but it is annoying in that Guardian piece that she sets up a sort of false opposition between historical novelists and historians. Especially since she seems to have only a rudimentary grasp of how history is practised these days. I hope all goes well with your manuscript.


  2. Work well and wishing you a brilliant outcome.

    I pleased Eric Hobsbawm is in your list of mentions, I think I still have a book of his floating about the domestic bookshelves.


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