Hincmar update

I’ve just finished adding a new source to another blog I’m involved in, the Collaborative Hincmar Project blog, which has draft translations of some texts by Archbishop Hincmar of Rheims. The new addition is Hincmar’s letter about Count Stephen of the Auvergne. This is a substantial text from 860 on a marital dispute, which I’ve published on before. It includes one of Hincmar’s most sustained discussions of what makes a valid marriage, as well as having material on impotence (which has been discussed by Catherine Rider. It also includes an interesting, supposedly verbatim account of the case from Stephen’s point of view. If anyone has any comments, or can suggest improvements to the translation (which is still a bit rough in places), they’re welcome to comment either here or over there.

For anyone who is interested in Hincmar, especially this letter and De Divortio, meanwhile, I will be giving a paper at the IHR early medieval seminar on Wednesday 27th October (5.30 pm, Senate House). It is provisionally entitled ‘Hincmar and the use and abuse of canon law’, but is mainly going to be on marriage disputes and examining just what sneaky procedural tricks Hincmar gets up to in the two cases. Some of this will be familiar to longtime readers of the blog, but there is some new material as well.


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