Blues, Indexing

Just to say that the combination of several weeks travelling and then being tied up with the compiling the index for my book means the blogging hiatus will continue for some time. On the other hand, to whet your appetite for the book (now available for pre-order on Amazon), here are a selection of the topics indexed so far:

Einhard and paganism
lay/clerical divide
Quierzy, Council of (858)
Rather of Verona
sexual immorality
three orders
warfare and women
Zado, Saracen leader


4 thoughts on “Blues, Indexing

  1. I think my favourite one for mine was “feudal pyramid: uselessness of as construct”, which they let me get away with, bless them. Otherwise the real cause for cunning was distinguishing between 10 different people called Miró, of whom only two had surnames and it was the same one but they weren’t related, and thirteen Sunifreds.

    I also have the weird feeling that one entry, to wit:

    royal authority, 129, 172, 175; claimed by others, 13, 33, 57, 117, 130-1, 170, 171, 175; defied from Catalonia, 7-8; exercised by kings in Catalonia, 7, 8, 13, 42; ignored, 9, 11; recognised in charter dating, 10; sought from Catalonia, 9, 11, 25, 129-30, 174.

    actually explains what the book is about better than at least one of my attempts at a summary.

    I’m intrigued by `Einhard and paganism’ though. It’s not as if I know his writings that well but I can’t recall a thing about pagans in there other than that Saxons are perfidious. Maybe I haven’t been looking hard enough. But soon I shall know where to look!


  2. I’ve just been cataloguing The Theodosian Code and Novels and the Sirmondian Constituitions (trans Clyde Pharr) and I can’t resist listing some of its wonderful indexing terms:

    Able-bodied beggars
    Beans, tax payment of
    Cords, torture by
    Discharges, honourable
    Factions of the circus
    Gems, not to be worn by actresses
    Honourable character, proof of
    Ivory tablets
    Jews, actions involving
    Kidnapping, crime of
    Latin copyists
    Maledictions, against the Emperors
    Newborn children, purchase and rearing of
    Orontes, clearing of
    Pepyzites, heretics
    Quartering officers
    Respectable, rank of
    Shipbuilding not to be taught to barbarians
    Theatre, accountants of
    Ungrateful children: see children
    Venality, of advocates
    Wizards, crimes of
    Xystus, Port of
    Youth, age of


  3. I love a good index and it sounds like both yours, Magistra, and Jonathan’s fall squarely into that category. Mine was not particularly exciting, but I do have ‘beards’ as a term, plus the never to be forgotten ‘Alan the Black, count’ followed by ‘Alan the Red, count’.

    Good luck with the final stages!


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