Hincmar at IMC 2012 (and me too!)

My latest excuse for not having put anything up on this blog is that I’ve been writing two conference papers. I have now given the first of these, at the Religious Men in the Middle Ages conference at Huddersfield University: this focused on Hincmar of Rheims and gender order and included the story of the second dodgiest early medieval bishop of Laon, St Genebaudus.

This afternoon, I am off to Leeds for the International Medieval Congress 2012, where I am organising a whole string of sessions on Hincmar of Rheims. There will be dubious historical methods and the misuse of sources (by Hincmar). There will be intrigue and attempts to get a favourable hearing from a sceptical audience (by Hincmar, obviously). There will be discussions of topless nuns (guess whose paper that crops up in?) There will be the dodgiest early medieval bishop of Laon. You are all warmly invited to come and hear.

For those who do not wish to devote their time at Leeds to hearing about Hincmar, there will also be a bloggers’ meetup, on Monday 9th from 8 pm onwards at the Stables pub at Weetwood. Jon Jarrett will be there as will I, along with whatever other bloggers dare to emerge blinking into real life. We look forward to meeting others of you there.


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