Today’s suggestion for a PhD thesis

I have just been reading Amanda Vickery, “Golden age to separate spheres? A review of the categories and chronology of English women’s history”, The Historical Journal 36 (1993), pp. 383-414 (DOI: 10.1017/S0018246X9300001X), which despite its title, is only about 1600 onwards. But despite this, it does include the following useful hint for where future research is needed

Thirdly, it would be mistaken to see evangelical enthusiasm thriving in every middle-class home, just because the history of the tepid, the backsliding and the utterly indifferent nineteenth-century household remains to be written. (p. 398)

To the archives, eager young researchers! (But do the tepid bother to write voluminous diaries/letters etc. or are they just too busy out backsliding?)

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