IMC Leeds 2013: bloggers’ meetup

For all the bloggers who are going to the International Medieval Congress at Leeds next week, there will be a meetup on Monday 1 July at 9 pm in the Terrace Bar at Leeds University Union. Kath Neal has helpfully linked to a map.

For those who haven’t met me before, this is who to look out for:

magistra (Rachel Stone)

(My hair is slightly greyer than this now – I blame Hincmar).

Edited to add: if you’re coming to Leeds and wish to plug the session you’re taking part in, please leave a comment doing so. I will be speaking in session 808, talking on social network analysis of charters, and will also be part of the team demonstrating the Making of Charlemagne’s Europe project in session 910.

6 thoughts on “IMC Leeds 2013: bloggers’ meetup

  1. Leeds IMC 2013: bloggers’ meetupI lost momentum for a few days there as I focused on getting my paper for this year’s International Medieval Congress ready, but with that done I’m ready to go on reducing backlog, as who could not with encouragement like this? But first, m…


    • Nomen et gens is available now: the public database is at and for those who are particularly interested, it might be possible to get access to the rest of the database as well (which contains more sources from the same period).

      The Making of Charlemagne’s Europe project doesn’t currently have a full website and the user interface to the database is still being designed. We hope to have a interface for trial by early next year: if you’re interested in testing it, we can put you on our list of people we’re hoping to get to try it out. (And if anyone else is interested, they can contact us via the names on our project web-page).


  2. Thanks a lot. Of course I would like to give a try to The Making of Charlemagne project as soon as it becomes available.

    The nomen & gens link seems not to work (probably a missing http:// prefix?), but the visible literal is ok. Problem is that in is his website, the database option seems to be disabled (it gives an error message).


  3. Leeds 2013 report part 1I’ve been backlogged with reporting nearly this far before now, of course, and it’s the annual conferences that always seem silliest to report on in these circumstances. Who cares about the 2013 International Medieval Congress now? We…


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