Writing elsewhere

I’m just back from the International Medieval Congress at Leeds, about which I will eventually blog. Meanwhile my paper from the conference (on fathers and sons in early medieval charters) is up at the Making of Charlemagne’s Europe project blog.

The big news from the conference was that Manchester University Press had the book I co-edited with Charles West, Hincmar of Rheims: Life and Work on sale, although they kept on running out of copies:

Hincmar sale image
Sign on the MUP stand in the IMC Bookfair

To celebrate the publication of the book, I wrote a post on the Sheffield History Matters on Hincmar as an over-worked middle-manager. Although I’ve now officially finished my stint as part of Charles West’s Turbulent Priests project, I’ve also blogged for that and may do so again. But I hope I’ll get back to more blogging on this main site over the summer.


7 thoughts on “Writing elsewhere

  1. Be aware that BlogUK has now said they will be closing down this platform in December. There are instructions as to how to export your blog to WordPress if you want.


  2. Great news magistra, and I join Gillyk in congratulations on the mammoth task of not just publishing your book but on the great sales of it too.

    !5th December BCUK is closing the site and all that is on it will go with it. The export tool to WP is offered, probably, because it is more straightforward to use than transferring stuff to blogspot, or the few other places there are. It is, I believe, a useful platform from which to move things on at a later date.

    I have you linked from here to my Blogspot site till this site ceases to be.

    Here are my other contact links:

    My url there is: http://myword1.blogspot.co.uk/

    My username on WordPress is menhir1
    site address:https://menhir1.wordpress.com/
    (though, not to be used in the link up with friends area, it does not accept its own .com’s ).


    • I’m just starting to use the export tool and move stuff to WordPress – I’ll be at magistraetmater.wordpress.com., A friend of mine uses it and says it’s good, so it’s probably for the best long-term, given the lack of support here.

      I like your recent flower photos – there are lots of nice things in our garen, but I’m too busy to photo them!


      • What will your WP username be?

        Climate here not conducive to the pleasurable gardening of south of the Scottish border. Pictures remind me of what appears sometimes. 🙂


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